Exploring Kaka’ako on Christmas Day

Every time I visit the the Kaka’ako area of Honolulu I find many new and interesting scenes that I want to photograph…

Since I have a small and geographically dispersed family Christmas is often a quiet affair and my husband unknowingly gave me a wonderful present this year.  We had a nice dinner and opened gifts on Christmas Eve instead of on Christmas day which is our usual custom.  So when I awoke on Christmas morning and found that my husband had an ulterior motive that involved watching a lot of sports in his pajamas I decided go out with the camera.  I chose to meander through the industrial buildings of Kaka’ako again and I had the place mostly to myself which was another gift!

While I like stuff that is shiny and new I am particularly intrigued by old stuff, industrial stuff and architecture in general so I was in my element in the alleys and streets of Kaka’ako.   Blocks of color have revitalized the facades of old buildings and warehouses.  Even the lines on the roads, electrical boxes and rat traps looked like little art installations to my eye!

I hope that you enjoy this small group of images from my wander through Kakaa’ko and if you think others would as well please feel free to share this via the social media links below.

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Click on the images below to see larger versions in a slide show.

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