Taking the Dog for a Walk

I’ve recently started bringing my camera along as I take our ever so cute miniature dachshund, Harry, out for walks.  This has come with mixed photographic results as he has a habit of walking away or otherwise tugging at the leash just as I am aligning an image through the viewfinder!

Overall he’s a pretty patient photography buddy though so I can’t complain too much…did I say he is really cute (and very lovable)???

Our route takes us in a loop along a main street and around the local elementary school before we head back home.  I drive the same main road to and from work and for other errands almost daily and rarely think of my neighborhood as a place where I can make effective photographs.  I love taking photographs of the scenes in various neighborhoods around town and had simply overlooked my own neighborhood until recently.

The play of the shadows and greenery on the fence in the upper image made me smile and it fits my eye and penchant for photographing the facades, and often the literal walls, that we present to the world from our homes.  This scene is just blocks from our home…

The second image couldn’t be more different but the scene is located just a block from the first and was taken on the same day.  Again, the anonymity of our homes and how they sit in the larger context of the neighborhood fascinates me.

As Harry and I stroll around the neighborhood I can’t help but notice that there are many photographic opportunities that I have been missing for quite some time.   I have a vision in my mind of many more images that have not been fully realized and I’m looking forward to seeing them come to fruition.

Here’s to more photo walks with Harry!

Click on the images to see them as a slide show if you are so inclined.